Venice, Bologna, Lake Como

I have always wanted to go to Venice. This was not a possible when we first went to Italy on honeymoon, and we did not get there on our second visit either. Dave put in a request with RCI for Venice, and they called to say they had a place in a camping site, outside of Venice for June. This did not tick any of our boxes, and so we declined. The next call was to say they had a place for us in Venice in May. This is one month later than we normally go away, but an offer not to be missed. So we booked! 18 months in advance! Our plans for this trip include 3 nights in Bologna as even though we spent a night there on our honeymoon, we did not spend any time in the city. We did however visit the Ducati Museum and Factory, as well as the Ferrari museum. We will also pop in to Milan to see the Fort as we did not know it was there when we were on honeymoon and even though we spent an amazing time exploring it, we did not have our camera with us. As soon as we have taken our photos we will head to the airport to collect a hire car and then we will drive to Lake Como so that we can visit the Moto Guzzi Museum.


Venice is an amazing city and worth a visit. I would recommend that you spend five nights in Venice which gives you ample time to explore the area around the Rialto on one day, the area around St. Marks Square on another day. The third day can be spent using the vaporettos to see the Lido, Murano and Burano. If you are up for a lot of walking spend the fourth day exploring the various parts of the city. Venice is made up of 118 Islands and these are joined by 490 bridges. Expect to spend a lot of your time walking up and down stairs, through narrow passages and being crowded in areas close to the Grand Canal. To get there you can fly straight to Marco Polo airport – we used Swiss to get there. Make sure you catch the bus into Venice and do not get a water taxi! If you are fit you can walk everywhere and you will see more. The trains are fantastic in Italy and we went by train from Venice.


This is a bustling, busy city with amazing food markets. There is however not that much to see (in my opinion) and two nights is more than ample to see what there is to see. Parking is not easy in the city so if you want to drive, make sure that the place you have booked into has parking facilities. If not, use the train. It is not expensive and the station is centrally located with apartments and hotels within walking distance.

Lake Como:

Make sure that you have more than one night to spend here. The area is beautiful and can be explored by car, on foot and via the ferry. Give Como and Lecco a miss and make sure to include Bellagio on your list.


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