Saturday May 25 Venice

Ten hours sleep was most welcome! We woke up at 7am and had a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs with pancetta. Thankfully the unit has a small dishwasher so cleaning up is easy. We went to the fish market and got fresh fish for supper. It looks like a baby tuna and cost €6. We bought grapes and mushrooms and a lemon at the Rialto market before doing grocery shopping at Coop. We then dropped everything off at the apartment before heading in the direction of the station and for a long walk around Venice. We stopped for a beer each to watch the end of Formula 1 practice 3. I had a 250ml Peroni draft and Dave had Kilkenny (€5.50). We walked a couple more hours before heading back to the Irish Pub for lunch and to watch the qualifying. I had the Kilkenny at lunch and Dave had a Guinness. We had filled toasted flat breads and Dave had a slice of almond custard slice (€14.60). We walked back to the Grand Canal, stopping for gelato on the way. I had casanova which was very good but I have no idea of the actual flavour other than fudgey toffee. Dave had a scoop of lemon. We had a quick espresso before coming back to the apartment at 16:30. We walked for 5 hours! On opening the packet of the fish fillets it looks and smells more like mackerel. We made a sauce with tomato, anchovy and sage to go on the fish. Mushrooms and asparagus were panfried to go with the fish which was also panfried. Wine tonight is Santa Cristina Annata 2011. The very good fish dinner was followed by strawberries and cream. Asiago cheese with pesto on salt biscuits finished off the meal.

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