Friday May 24 Zurich to Venice

Breakfast on the plane was much needed coffee, orange juice, rolls and cheese. Our transfer was a breeze and we caught an A320 to Venezia. The flight was bumpy and the coffee luke warm and we landed to a cold and wet day. We had a mortadella panini at the airport before catching the bus to Venice. The ATVO Venezia Express cost €6 each in comparison to €110 each for a water taxi. After crossing a few bridges, some of them more than once, we found the check in and made our way to the apartment. It has a bedroom, bathroom, lounge and kitchen and is more than adequate for our needs. A quick shower and then we went shopping for lunch, supper and breakfast goodies. We had an espresso each on the way to the shops €2 for both! We got instant coffee but there is no kettle in the unit so I will boil water on the stove top. Lunch was a simple bread roll with proscuitto, cheese, tomatoes and pesto.  After lunch we went for a walk to the Rialto bridge and market. I bought some pasta to bring home. We did a fair bit of walkong before stopping at Al Bagolo for two glasses of Rabaso (€2) and Dave had an espresso as I am a slow drinker. We went back to COOP for cream, cheese and crackers before heading back to the apartment.


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