Thursday May 23 Cape Town to Zurich

Well, we are sitting in the SAA business class lounge in Cape Town with half an hour to go before we board our flight. It is quite warm here so I’m not even thinking about changing until we get to Johannesburg. Our holiday has finally started and I hope you all enjoy reading our daily diary! We flew on an Airbus A330-200 and the flight was comfortable. The SAA diabetic meal was good and now we are sitting in the Premier Lounge in international departures at OR Tambo. Our flight left ten minutes late due to only being able to land at 6:05. We still made up time in the air and circled Zurich before landing. There was no diabetic meal for me on board, but I had a nice pasta meal with a side salad, a pear and cheese and a bread roll. Dave and I had some wine and then it was sleep time for me. We were on the last seats on the A340-300 and I got about 6 hours sleep.

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